Spain is a country that has very patriotic people when it comes to issues about the republic as well as the regions that they live in. When in Spain, it is very important that you refrain from entering cosplay costumes into arguments that relate with questions about the languages or about the people being Spaniards or not. If you are in an argument, it is not likely that you will be hurt. However, an argument can become very long and eventually get pointless. If you hold such arguments especially in Basque, you may have serious troubles.
Many of the Spaniards are very keen to keep in touch with their cultural and lingual connections especially to Latin America. Many Spaniards are however very proud to be Europeans and are against the notion that Hispanics and Spaniards are very similar. When people come to Spain especially from the Spanish speaking regions from other parts of the world, they can expect different reactions. They may be accepted immediately as kin. In some cases they can face rejection and apathy. In the media, Spaniards are greatly displayed as people who are naruto cosplay very religious. This is not really cosplay costume sale the case. Most of bakura cosplay the population in Spain comprises of Catholics. Officially, 73% are Catholics but when asked, 10% accept that they practice while only 20% say they are believers in the faith. When you are in Spain, try to respect this fact and refrain from making any comments that may sound offensive.
The festivals that are most important to Spaniards include all religious ones, Easter holy week, as well as Christmas. You should be tolerant about all religions while you are in the country especially in the large cities like Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. These are areas where you will find people with varied beliefs as well as different kinds of temples. In some areas in southern Spain, there are many Muslims in the population.
Spain also has widespread homosexuality although it is quite a catholic population. If you display same sex kind of affection publicly, you may not face hostility. Marriages between people of the same sex is allowed and recognized by the government. This however does not mean that Spaniards are okay with gay people. In urban areas like Madrid, the people are a little more open minded than other areas in the rural settings. The elder people hold more conservative views when it comes to homosexuality. Violence targeted towards gays is rarely reported and therefore it is a relatively safe place for lesbian and gay travelers.
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