San Pedro Animal Hospital would like to thank the following people for their assistance.  Some have helped us acquire supplies and equipment, some have offered financial assistance, and others have volunteered their time.  San Pedro Animal Hospital could not exist and offer quality veterinary care without you!  Thank you for helping to make our dream of a private veterinary clinic in San Pedro a reality.

Roger and Fran Nordstrom

Hailey Adams

Valery Drenning

Amanda and Cal Syme

Terry Williams

Lynn and Mitch Marquee

Michelle Droke, DVM

Ducka Kelly

Monika Scott, DVM

Liron Friedman

Mary Kate McCormick

Gregory Lipkin

Katie Lueders

Jan and Tom Droke

Hank Croft, DVM

Ken Lust, DVM

Wendy and Chuck Vella

Daniel Gonzalez, MD and staff

Crystal from Banana Beach

A special thanks to Dr. Teresa, Carlos, and the staff at Clinica Los Pinos for taking the time to produce high quality xrays on animals… and to Irina at the San Pedro Central Lab for all of her excellent work!

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