San Pedro Animal Hospital is a full-service 24-hour veterinary hospital.  We are constantly striving to improve our quality of care while keeping prices affordable.  Our services include:

Routine vaccinations and deworming

Health certificates

Spaying and neutering

Internal Medicine:  NEW!  Full In-House Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.  Complete Blood Counts (CBC), stool tests, heartworm tests, parvo tests, and urinalysis.  In addition, our in-house veterinary blood chemistry analyzer tests your pet’s liver, kidneys, electrolytes, blood proteins, and more.  Results within 15 minutes using only a few drops of blood.  San Pedro Animal Hospital is the only clinic in Belize with this new technology!

General Anesthesia – the safest general anesthesia in Belize.  Intubation with inhalation gas anesthesia using isoflurane.  Monitoring using two monitors:  a respiration monitor and pulse oximeter.  Pulse oximeter monitors heart rate and blood oxygen levels.  Respiration monitor beeps each time your pet takes a breath.

Surgery – emergency and routine surgeries, tumor removals, etc

After-hours emergency services for traumatic injuries and critical illnesses

24-hour intensive care with IV fluids safely and reliably administered using electronic IV pump.  Monitoring overnight by the doctor.

Dentistry – extractions of infected or damaged teeth, cleaning by ultrasonic scaler and polishing.  Multi-rooted teeth extracted using our new high-speed drill.  Both under inhaled general anesthesia with endo-tracheal intubation.

Housecalls available as time allows.

Grooming and Bathing –  All baths include nail trim, veterinary ear flush, and veterinary anal gland expression.  Flea and tick baths, medicated baths, cuts and trims to breed standards or to your personal preference by our professional groomer.

Now offering Boarding!  On a limited basis due to current space constraints.  Call now to reserve.  Two to three pets maximum may board at one time.  Three to four walks a day included.  Long walks on the beach with our dogs, Jambo and Jager also available!  Current vaccinations and flea and tick control required.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the clinic or call 610-DOGS (3647).  You can also contact the animal hospital at

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