Your Pet Deserves to See the Real Vet

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When your pet animal is sick or injured what should you do?  Who can you trust for expert and caring help? 

Only your registered veterinarian is equipped and trained to deal with animal health issues.  They have studied for many years and have devoted their careers to animal welfare. 

Unfortunately, there have been many reported cases of unqualified and untrained people portraying themselves as veterinarians and charging unsuspecting owners for useless or dangerous advice.  Sadly, there have been many complaints, animal injuries and even deaths at the hand of these imposters. So, make sure you are seeing a real veterinarian by consulting the list of Registered Veterinary Surgeons licensed to practice in Belize (  

It is illegal to practice veterinary medicine without being registered by the Government of Belize Veterinary Surgeons Board.  If you know of someone who works on animals illegally, please do not take your animal to them, and inform the Veterinary Surgeons Board at this number 824-4872/4899. You will save animal lives and prevent unneeded suffering. 

Your animals NEED your HELP.  They cannot speak up for themselves, so they depend on your voice. Are you going to stand up for your pet animal?

Submitted by Veterinary Surgeons Board of Belize


The Veterinary Surgeons Board of Belize presents the following list of Registered Veterinary Surgeons (Veterinarians), Veterinary Specialists and Animal Health Technicians licensed to practice in Belize

2011 Register of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Specialists

 and Animal Health Assistants

The Veterinary Surgeons Act, Chapter 326 of the Laws of Belize

(Revised Edition 2000)

Registration No: Name Category of  Registration
9901 Dr. Jane Theresa Crawford Veterinary Surgeon
9902 Dr. Ludwig Vidal Palacio Veterinary Surgeon
9903 Dr. Bertie Marshall Chimilio Veterinary Surgeon
9904 Dr. Michael Wayne De Shield Veterinary Specialist

Veterinary Surgeon

9906 Dr. Miguel Angel Depaz Veterinary Surgeon
9907 Dr. Michael Stacie Tewes Veterinary Specialist

Veterinary Surgeon

9908 Dr. Ruperto Victor Gongora Veterinary Surgeon
9909 Dr. Sheila K. Schmeling Veterinary Surgeon
9910 Dr. Ivor Burns Veterinary Surgeon
9911 Dr. Miguel Angel Figueroa Veterinary Surgeon
9912 Dr. Francis Harold Arzu Castillo Veterinary Surgeon
9914 Dr. Martha Lilia Hernandez Mena Veterinary Surgeon
9915 Dr. Homero Eladio Novelo Veterinary Surgeon
0117 Dr. Joe Anthony Myers Veterinary Surgeon
0218 Dr. Henry Canton Veterinary Surgeon
0320 Dr. Edwardo Tesecum Veterinary Surgeon
0422 Dr. Floyd Winston Bennett Veterinary Surgeon
0625 Dr. Heather Stewart Veterinary Surgeon
0626 Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand Veterinary Surgeon
0727 Dr. Roxanna Lizette Alvarez Veterinary Surgeon
0728 Dr. Jorge Luis Lopez Veterinary Surgeon
0729 Dr. Orlando Baptist Veterinary Surgeon
0731 Dr. Byron Leslie Collier Veterinary Surgeon
0832 Dr. Laurie Droke Veterinary Surgeon
0933 Dr. Alfric Andrew Charles Veterinary Surgeon
1034 Dr. Nelsa Guimara Veterinary Surgeon
1137 Dr. Franklyn Martinez Veterinary Surgeon
11A06 Stewart Dyck Animal Health Assistant


Pursuant to  section 24.(1) of  the Veterinary Surgeons Act (Chapter 326 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000) “No person shall engage in the practice of veterinary surgery or hold himself out as engaging in the practice of veterinary surgery unless that person is registered under this Act”.

Submitted by

Dr. Miguel DePaz


Veterinary Surgeons Board of Belize

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