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"LaLa" loves being groomed!

Sorry for the long lapse in the blog from SPAH and SPAF – the last couple of  months have been busy ones at the clinic.  After- hours emergencies have become the  norm and it’s been hard to find the time to catch everyone up on everything that has been going on!

I have lots to tell and pictures to share from Sarteneja – we have had 3 clinics and about 50 animals spayed and neutered in the last couple of months.  At some point I will get that info organized to share as it has been a real success story for the many furry friends in this little seaside village.

On a related note, the Caye Caulker Humane Society has been frantically working to prevent what officials call an “eradication”, and it appears they have been successful.  For those who don’t  know, an eradication is when government officials in Belize use strychnine-laced bait to poison the dog population in an effort to decrease the numbers of stray animals which may form packs and become aggressive.  This is always a situation that causes a lot of panic among dog owners ( pets are often victims),  as well as concern from many of us over the need for the  humane treatment of animals.  If you are wondering why we always get so excited about spays and neuters this is it.  It is the most humane way of controlling our pet populations and preventing these horrible consequences from occuring.  The San Pedro Animal Hospital has donated  a bottle of tranquilizer to the Caye Caulker Humane Society to aid them in their work of rounding up stray and/or aggressive dogs and humanely euthanizing them.  We congratulate them on a job well-done and wish them well in their continuing efforts to avoid another eradication.

Here at home in San Pedro, the San Pedro Animal Foundation has stepped in to help a pet and owner in need.  Our two directors were kind enough to walk over to the clinic this afternoon and discuss with me the case of “Buddy”, an adorable 5 month-old poodle mix.  Buddy has been sick for several days now with bloody vomiting and diarrhea.  Initially he was not eating well and was treated for ehrlichia (tick fever), but he became sicker and soon hospitalization was required.  He was dehydrated and had a fever, and the diarrhea and vomiting were worsening.  The owner has paid for him to be hospitalized on IV fluids and IV antibiotics the last two days, and Buddy is improving.  Unfortunately he is not completely well yet, and continuing his treatment is becoming unaffordable for his owner, who is a secretary at the high school.  The owner and I are not ready to give up on Buddy yet, and our directors of SPAF agreed that he would be a good candidate to receive donation money towards the cost of his continuing care.  So those of you who have donated, meet one of your beneficiaries!  The cost of his hospitalization and treatments for 24-hour care is about 300 Belize dollars a day.  When patients qualify for aid we decrease our fees by 30% , so SPAF will be donating about 200 Belize dollars to continue Buddy’s intensive care for another 24 hours. 

Thank you SPAF donors and we will be saying a prayer for little Buddy tonight.   🙂


"Buddy" and owner

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