Tumor Removal Surgery Made Possible by San Pedro Animal Foundation

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Thanks so much to my friends and family who have donated.  We have been saving the money so that it could be used when it was needed most, and it appears that the time has arrived. 

Yesterday we saw “Estrellita” – a sweet little white dog with a very nasty tumor.  “Estrellita”  means “Little Star”.  Her tumor had outgrown its blood supply, which caused the tissue within it to die.  As tissue dies it becomes infected and malodorous.  Bleeding is often a problem as dogs traumatize the tumor by chewing at it. 

Her owner could almost afford the surgery, but not quite.  Thanks to donations made to the San Pedro Animal Foundation and discounts available at San Pedro Animal Hospital for animals in need Estrellita’s tumor was successfully removed yesterday.  Her owner left his T-shirt for her to sleep with and she laid on it the entire time.  Estrellita was suffering from a severe flea and tick infestation as well.  Her owner was not aware that she needed flea and tick control and heartworm preventative, but once we explained this to him he expressed a willingness to provide these for her in the future. 

We were very pleased with the success of the surgery.  Dogs of Estrellita’s age and condition always present with a higher anesthetic risk, but her procedure went smoothly with no anesthetic complications.




(prices in Belize dollars.  For U.S. dollars divide by 2)

Anesthesia/Analgesia                     130.00

Surgery (tumor removal)              200.00

Antibiotic injection                             25.00

Antibiotics to go home                       10.00

pain meds to go home                        10.00


TOTAL                                              375.00

– 30% off for financial need             112.50



amount paid by owner                –  200.00

amount paid by SPAF                       62.50


Thanks again to those who have donated!  A full financial report for SPAF in 2010 will be posted soon.

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