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   Thanks to all of Peter’s pledges the San Pedro Animal Foundation has increased its funding enormously.  So far Peter has survived 9 days of sobriety.  Only 21 days to go!  If you would like to pledge support for Peter by betting against him please contact Pedro’s Inn at 226-3825 or send us an email at  Remember all pledges will be paid to the San Pedro Animal Foundation which allows us to help more dogs in San Pedro in need of emergency medical care, spaying and neutering.  If Peter can’t stick to his end of the bargain and has a drink before midnight July 4th he will pay everyone’s pledges to SPAF and you won’t owe a thing!

On a related note, as you may have seen on the San Pedro morning show this morning, the San Pedro Animal Hospital is doing its part to assist the mayor, the town council, and Saga Humane Society in their struggle to control San Pedro’s dog population.  We are donating one free spay or neuter per week to the town for any animal in need.  This includes shelter animals, strays, and pets belonging to low-income individuals.  Since we at SPAH recommend the highest quality of care whenever possible we extend this to our charity cases.  All donated spays and neuters include a pre-op blood test, doctor’s examination, IV catheter and fluids, and post-op pain pills.  This means our donation to the town council is valued at over $10,000/year.

If you would like to help please do your part as well and have your pet spayed or neutered.  There are many reasons why San Pedro residents do not like to spay and neuter, and none of them are legitimate.  There really are NO good reasons to breed your dog or refuse to have them fixed.  San Pedro is a very small island, and we don’t need to be breeding dogs here.  And I’m sorry, but as I explained to one San Pedro resident, if you own a golf cart you do not qualify as needy!  Please do your part and pay for the surgery if you can afford it.  Pets do cost money, everyone knows this before adopting one.  If you do not want to pay for necessary procedures like vaccinations and spaying and neutering, owning a pet may not be for you.  Our pets in San Pedro give us so much – protection, love, and companionship.  We need to do the right things for them and our town as well.  One San Pedro resident last week really stepped up to the plate – she paid for the spaying of two of her friend’s dogs.  Both turned out to be pregnant, so this good samaritan prevented 16 unwanted puppies in San Pedro!

If we all do our part we can have a safer, cleaner, healthier San Pedro for animals and people alike.

Thanks as always for your support.

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