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“Angel”, one of our Guests of Honor.  Guests of Honor were pets who survived life-threatening illnesses in the last year.  They received an honorary red bow.  “Angel” was rescued out of the middle of the road in Belize City by a San Pedro resident.  She was diagnosed with a very contagious type of mange which often results in euthanasia at shelters.  She was treated by her rescuer and boarded at San Pedro Animal Hospital free of charge until her condition improved.  Angel now has a home and a new name, “Krispy”.  Although her health is improving she is still fighting to become a 100% healthy puppy.  


Angel greeting a guest.  All the puppies and adult dogs were very polite and played well together!  They must have had the Christmas spirit because I did not see a single scuffle… 


“Cookie” – Winner of Best Dressed!  



Winner of a Large Pizza!  I wonder if Cookie will get some… 


Anybody want to go sledding?  “Molly” wins 2nd Prize 


"Molly" and Uncle Paul with her 2nd Prize - a Christmas stocking!

Jambo refuses to take part in the festivities as he understands how important it is to supervise the barbecue.  Everyone enjoyed Walter’s Famous Barbecue Chicken, beans and cole slaw, which was delicious as usual!


Puppy Christmas presents beautifully arranged in a litter box.

“Ginger”, Guest of Honor and crocodile attack survivor!  Ginger was San Pedro Animal Hospital’s first patient on December 24th, 2009.  We had moved in only 12 hours before she arrived on emergency on Christmas Eve.  She survived a five-hour surgical procedure with myself as the surgeon flying solo.  I hadn’t even hired an assistant yet! 




Just when we thought we had the contest wrapped up the Williams family arrived!  “Bubbles”  appears to be Santa Claus and “Crunchy” appears to be some kind of showgirl… 


And their newest addition “Pebbles” means they now have a pit bull, a golden retriever, and chihuahua!  One big happy family… 



Crunchy and Sophia, two vicious pit bulls, introduce themselves.  To anyone who believes that pit bulls are always a dangerous breed – I wish they could have been at the party!   They were by far the most numerous breed present, along with chihuahuas and shih-tzus, and yet I did not witness a single snap or snarl.  

Crunchy...Sophia. Sophia...Crunchy.

The Williams Family:  Winner of Best Dressed Family and a gift certificate for 1 large pizza!



"Sky" and "Coco"



The gang from Pinochio’s Restaurant.  Sasa smiles for the camera but Tequila is too busy playing with Lady to pose…


Our first Puppy Christmas Party was great fun and we hope to do it again next year.


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