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Thank you Mother and Father Droke for your donation of 500 U.S. dollars to the San Pedro Animal Foundation!  Meet your first beneficiary: 

Brandon came to San Pedro Animal Hospital on Monday with his german shepherd mix, Loco.  Loco is about nine months old.  He has not been eating much for the last week and has been listless.  This is his first visit to ever see a veterinarian. 

Loco was treated with doxycycline pills for presumptive ehrlichia, a bacterial infection spread by ticks.  He was also dewormed for roundworms and hookworms, the most commone intestinal worms found in dogs in San Pedro. 

The boy, pictured above, had only brought $40.  Saga Humane Society was closed.  San Pedro Animal Hospital gave Brandon a 30% discount based on financial need.  San Pedro Animal Foundation, using the Mother and Father Droke Fund, was able to offer Brandon $66 of credit.  If he is able to repay us the 66 dollars, this money will go back into the fund so that it can be used to help the next pet in need.

(Thanks Mom and Dad!  🙂 )

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