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Our second beneficiary is Francis, pictured here with  his newly adopted puppy “Cronic”.  Francis was previously an employee of Pedro’s Inn, and was actually an important member of the team which built San Pedro Animal Hospital in only three weeks!  When SPAH saw its first emergency on opening day, a dog attacked by a crocodile, I remember Francis standing in the doorway and watching, as what he built came to urgent use immediately.  Over the next few weeks I had no employees, and no one to help me.  Francis was always there, willing to stop whatever project he was laboring over to lend me a helping hand when I needed it.

Now I’m pleased to be able to return the favor, and give  Francis a helping hand with his new puppy using SPAF’s donation from the Mom and Dad fund!  Over the months that Francis worked at Pedro’s Inn he sometimes assisted me at the clinic, and sometimes just stopped in to watch.  He let me know that he wanted a dog of his own.  After returning to his small village in northwestern Belize, he was given a puppy by his sister.  Although Francis always spoke of wanting a large, manly dog, he is now the proud owner of an adorable, shy, small mixed breed puppy.  Although he looks very young, by examining his teeth it is clear that he is already five months old.

Times are tough all over Belize right now, and there is very little work.  Francis traveled all the way from his village, which has no vet, back to San Pedro Animal Hospital, so that his new puppy could get started on the right track to a healthy life with him.  San Pedro Animal Hospital and SPAF were able to cover the cost of this first visit for him, which included:  physical exam, first vaccination (DHLPP), first deworming, first heartworm preventative, and first flea and tick treatment with Promeris.  Because he lives so far away a second deworming and second dose of heartworm preventative were sent home.  He will be returning in a couple of months for the puppy’s final vaccinations and the most important thing:  His neuter surgery.

San Pedro Animal Foundation has initiated a new policy:  All recipients of financial aid must agree to have their pet spayed or neutered when he or she is old enough and healthy enough.  Francis was not too keen on the idea at first, but he read some of our educational information and then agreed.  In his situation, neutering his puppy means he will be safer:  less likely to roam, get into dog fights, and contract sexually transmitted tumors called TVT’s.

Thanks, Francis for doing the right thing for the dog population of Belize and having your dog neutered!  We know you will be an excellent, responsible dog owner, and will serve as an example to your village.  I think you and your puppy will be very happy together.  🙂 

The Mom and Dad Fund (part of SPAF):  $934 Bz

Francis and Cronic:  $127 Bz

Balance in fund:  $807 Bz   ($403.50 U.S.)

(Thanks again Mom and Dad!)

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