San Pedro Roaming Dog/Spay and Neuter Update

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Scooby and Ranger


This morning we had what was clearly going to be a slow day, so SPAH assistants Siomara and Ashty hit the road in a golf cart and went out to look for dogs to spay and neuter free of charge thanks to the San Pedro Animal Foundation.  Last time they went to San Pedrito, so this time they headed for DFC.

What they found was interesting.  There were dogs roaming which were clearly not spayed or neutered, eating garbage, etc.  And there were also dogs confined in yards or tied, and when the owners were questioned they were not only spayed and neutered, but vaccinated!  It seems that Saga Humane Society has done a great job, going door to door and spaying, neutering and even vaccinating for free!  Clearly they are doing very well – they have a shiney new golf cart too.  So great job Saga Humane Society!  It’s nice to know that our local little HS is doing so well.  From what we have been told they still have Dr. Baptist seeing patients Tuesday through Thursday from 9-5.  I would assume that this  means Ingrid is still seeing patients Friday and Saturdays, as the Saga clinic is open on those days as well, and only closed on Sundays and Mondays.  In addition they haven’t taken us up on our offer to spay or neuter a dog for them for free once a week, so it seems they have the spay and neuter campaign under control as well.  This is doubly impressive when you consider the massive campaign they waged in 2010, stating that the entire society would have to close if they did not have a full-time vet.  It is truly a wondrous feat what this little organization has been able to accomplish since then, with only a part-time vet.  I’m sure they will continue their good work rounding up dogs off the street so that San Pedro’s dogs do not have to suffer through another round of poisoning by the city.  The last time we offered to pick up street dogs for them they were already full, so we will continue to focus primarily on our free spaying and neutering for the community.  San Pedro is an amazing place for needy animals.  I wonder if there is any other developing country in the world with so many animal welfare resources in such a small place.

Today we were planning to neuter Ranger and Scooby, who we found in DFC, however, both were too anemic.  As we did with Ginger and Payaso, the San Pedro Animal Foundation will treat their anemia and get them healthy for surgery, then go back and pick them up again.  We will discuss proper feeding with Ranger’s owners, as he is very underweight.  This may be from worms, tick fever, inadequate feeding, or a combination of all three.  Using SPAF donations we will treat them both for worms and tick fever, then recheck them in two weeks, and hopefully perform the castration surgeries.

Thanks as always to all who have donated.  And please spread the word like Bob Barker – HELP CONTROL THE PET POPULATION.  HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED!


Ranger - the owners warned that he would bite us but he has been very obedient.


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