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  We have had a lot going on the last couple of weeks.  For one thing Peter has completed his 1 month of sobriety successfully, something that was truly shocking to behold for everyone who knows him.  Unfortunately, most people say he was even grumpier while he was on the wagon, so they are glad he is back to the same old Jaegermeister drinking Pedro.  I asked Peter what he learned from this month and he said he is proud of his achievement and he will never ever do it again.  He claims to have earned $5000 in pledges to the San Pedro Animal Foundation.  Now it is up to him to collect and we will see if he is right.  I know a lot of you have already handed over your cash and we thank you very much!  This money will be used primarily for emergencies when the owners are short on funds.  In the past San Pedro Animal Foundation money has paid for limb amputations, fish hook removals from mouths or  stomachs, and sometimes euthanasias for those animals who are suffering and beyond repair.  I have a story to share from last February where we removed a fishhook from the stomach of a kitty who decided to swallow it – bait, line and all!  Stay tuned…

In other, sadder, news…we had our first confirmed case of leptospirosis on the island.  Unfortunately this disease took the life a beautiful 4 year-old Brittany Spaniel named Chica.  The owner was good enough to have a blood sample sent to the U.S. for testing and it did test positive for leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae.    This is a bacterial disease contracted from standing water and spread by rats.  There is a vaccine but it’s immunity only lasts one year.  Sadly, Chica had been vaccinated 1 year and 4 months ago.  Vaccination is not a guarantee, it’s more like a flu shot.  It provides protection and decreases the severity of disease.  Animals who contract leptospirosis typically die of kidney and/or liver failure.  We will be doing our best to remind those of you who have pets that are due for their lepto vaccine, but please do your best to keep track of your pet’s vaccinations as well.  Lepto is contained in the 5 in 1 vaccine known as DHLPP.  If you have a pet in need of a booster or you are not sure, come and see us.  Our vaccines are hand carried by Yours-Truly on a plane and brought into the country on ice, so that  we can guarantee that the vaccines remain effective.  Do your best friend a favor and make sure you vaccinate him with a vaccine from a reliable source!  Vaccines which are allowed to become warm lose their potency.

And one last bit of news – we have also confirmed our first case of Feline Heartworm Disease.  If you are giving your kitty heartworm preventative monthly good for you – keep it up!  If not, even if your kitties are indoors only, come and see us.  We have heartworm preventative options for every cat and every budget.  Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes, so all kitties are at risk.  And of course don’t forget to give heartworm preventative to your canine pets monthly as well.  Heartworm is a preventable disease!


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