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Pete finds a new home

Pete finds a new home

ONE RESCUE DOG: “PETE” Formerly “Kilo”. Found at the Roadside Bar in San Pedro with a chronic illness. Treated, neutered, vaccinated and rehomed. On-going treatment provided by the San Pedro Animal Hospital with donated medications.

4 DISCOUNTED FELINE SPAYS AND 3 DISCOUNTED FELINE NEUTERS performed for the PAWS Cat Sanctuary in Caye Cauker: Andy, George, Amber, Ina, Johnnes, Lizzie, and Delilah. Donated fluconazole and itraconazole given to PAWS Cat Sanctuary, along with advice on how to manage a ringworm outbreak.

10 FREE SPAYS AND NEUTERS GIVEN TO SAGA HUMANE SOCIETY. 4 canine spays and 1 canine neuter performed: Chloe, Muneca, Sophie, Maquesa, and Zaki

MARCH 2010
Free antibiotics and pain medicine sent home with owner of “Little Man”, who suffered from a gunshot wound to the left front foot.

"Little Man"

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