San Pedro Animal Foundation Donates to Scooby and Ranger

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You may remember Scooby and Ranger from our previous blog post.  Well, last month we went out to check on them again.

Scooby was tied on the veranda with a loaf of bread sitting in front of him.  They tie him because he likes to run around the neighborhood, which is the right thing to do.  The owners were questioned about the loaf of bread, and yes, they do feed him dogfood, but sometimes they also give him other things!
Scooby was clean and looked to be in good health.  They had given all the medication we had left with him the month before.
Once we got Scooby to the clinic we rechecked his bloodwork and it was much improved!  His neuter surgery was performed and went very smoothly.


Ranger lives next door to Scooby, so we checked on him at the same time.  Ranger is a guard dog, and spends his days tied to a boat.  We spoke with the owners and advised them to make sure that he always has access to shade and water.
When we got Ranger back to the clinic we found that he did gain a couple of pounds, although he is still underweight.  Other than this he appeared in good health and his bloodwork had improved just like Scooby’s.  We kept the muzzle on Ranger as a precaution, since he is not accustomed to being handled.
Now that he was healthy enough to undergo surgery the neuter was performed and the procedure and recovery went very smoothly.
Both dogs were delivered home the next day with pain meds and instructions to monitor the incisions.  Ranger’s owners were advised to feed him a little more.  Both owners were thanked for doing the right thing for their dogs and their community by having their dogs neutered.
By going out into communities it is our hope that spaying and neutering will become more accepted in these subdivisions, and others will follow the example these families have set.
The fees for these services are discounted 30% by the San Pedro Animal Hospital, and the remainder is financed solely through the San Pedro Animal Foundation.
I would like to dedicate the treatment of Scooby and Ranger to my Aunt Kay and Aunt Linda, who have repeatedly supported myself and SPAF.
Many thanks to all those who have donated to the San Pedro Animal Foundation, making quality veterinary medical care and education available to all pet owners in San Pedro!

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