New Flea and Tick Product is Jambo, Charlie, and Jager Approved

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Hi there Everybody, Dr. J here.  Just wanted to let y’all know about my new favorite flea and tick product.  It is called ParaStar Plus.  Now I know we all loved Promeris, but unfortunately some dogs of less fortitude than the three of us got a rash at the application site, so they stopped making it.  So the three of us decided to help Dr. Laurie pick the next new great flea and tick product.  We tried a few different varieties, but ParaStar Plus is our favorite.

Why is that, Jambo?  you may ask.  Well, for starters it starts killing ticks within and hour of application.  In addition, there’s no stinky smell like with the Promeris.  And even better, there’s only a small volume to apply, so our coat doesn’t get all wet and oily and slimey feeling at the application site.  And the greatest thing of all – even wimpy dogs show NO SIDE EFFECTS with ParaStar Plus!  This is because ParaStar Plus is actually a combination of two familiar products in one tube.  The first is Frontline.  Now we all know Frontline as that common chemical you get from Brodies and such that San Pedro fleas and ticks laugh at and eat for lunch before they come back for dinner.  But it turns out that if you combine it with this other new thing called “Cyphenothrin” it kills fleas and ticks DEAD!  This is because these two products work synergistically when applied together.  (See, people say I’m dumb but that’s just what I want them to think…in actuality I made pretty good grades in chemistry and vocabulary.)  Cyphenothrins are in a family of insecticides known as “pyrethrins”, which have been used in various forms to safely kill fleas and ticks for decades.

As with any insecticide, no product is 100% effective 100% of the time, so please do still check your pets daily for ticks.  If there is a severe tick infestation in your dog’s area, no topical product will be enough to protect your pets.  In this case you must treat the area, whether it be indoor or outdoor, as well as treating your pet.

So now that you know all about insecticide chemistry, come on down to San Pedro Animal Hospital and give ParaStar Plus a try.

Take it from me, your best friend and loyal partner will thank you for it!!!

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