Meet “Pelusa” – SPAF beneficiary last week – and Dr. Sara!

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Pelusa post-op with Dr. Sara and Siomara


We found Pelusa trotting around in San Mateo. 


We were thrilled when we followed her home to her family and her owner said “Yes, please do spay her.  I accept!”

Although she knew how to walk on a leash, she was too fearful to walk with us without the aid of some canned dogfood.  We were able to get her to walk to our golfcart, and at this point we sedated her so as not to frighten with the golfcart ride back to the clinic.  Once at the clinic we started with tick removal.  Pelusa had lots of ticks so we removed them while she was sedated and donated a Preventic collar.

Siomara busy with tick removal

 While Siomara was busy removing ticks Dr. Sara and I checked a quick blood smear for low platelets.  Luckily, despite her many ticks, Pelusa was a good candidate for surgery.  Her platelet count, which are the cells that clot the blood, was only mildly decreased.  Many dogs with tick exposure have low platelet counts due to ehrlichia, the bacteria which also causes “tick fever”.  In San Pedro it can be difficult to find dogs who need help who are also healthy enough to be spayed.  We believe that spaying dogs who are high risk for complications during and after surgery is counterproductive.  If they do not survive the surgery not only have we done harm to the animal and the owner, but we have made it very unlikely that the owner will spay and neuter pets in the future.  Owners of pets who die during surgery are also likely to tell their friends, which spreads fear and mistrust of veterinary procedures such as spaying and neutering.

After her ticks were removed and blood test completed we set up an IV and got into surgery!  At San Pedro Animal Hospital we believe that all surgical patients benefit from IV fluids during surgery, so we donate IV fluids to our charity cases as well. 

Dr. Sara examines Pelusa. Initially she is so scared that she piddles every time we touch her!


Introducing Dr. Sara!

Dr. Sara is from Florida, but she graduated recently from the University of Edinborough in Scotland!  She has traveled around the world for diving in places such as Australia and the Cayman Islands.  Now she is generously volunteering with us during her stay in San Pedro in order to gain sugical experience, which is difficult to get these days during veterinary school.  We hope she will get to enjoy some good diving as well!

Post-op the next day Pelusa is like a new dog.  For some reason she has lost her fear of us and wags her tail when we work with her.  Although she does still piddle every time we say hello!


San Pedro Animal hospital donated deworming and dhlpp vaccination.  Donations to the San Pedro Animal Foundation covered the cost of the spay surgery and rabies vaccination.

It was time to take Pelusa home and her family was so happy to see her.  She is not only their companion but also an essential guard dog for them.





This family also has an 8 week old male puppy they have agreed to allow us to neuter next month.

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