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Bunny first presented to us on January 11.  He had been tied in his yard when a dog attacked him and broke his leg.  He was also very skinny and had a lot of ticks and fleas.  Bunny had never been vaccinated or dewormed, and he had never received heartworm preventative.  He also had not been neutered.  His owners said he was 3 years old, but he looked more like a puppy.

The first thing we had to do was clean up Bunny’s wounds.  His coat was so matted that we had to shave his entire body short.  We cleaned his wounds, placed a splint, and sent him home with medications.  At subsequent visits it became clear that Bunny’s leg was too damaged to heal.  It would need to be amputated.  The owners were counciled on all of Bunny’s needs – including a more adequate diet, parasite control and vaccinations, as well as the amputation surgery.  The San Pedro Animal Foundation could help with the cost of the surgery, but the owners needed to take on the responsibility of Bunny’s basic care.  After much thought the owners decided that they did not have the time or resources to care for Bunny.  The mother of the family was also ill and in the hospital. So we took in Bunny and said that the San Pedro Animal Foundation could help with the cost of the surgery and we could find Bunny a new home, where he could be a happy little house dog rather than tied outside in a yard.

As luck would have it, one of our clients in Belize City heard Bunny’s story.  Her neighbor and close friend had just suffered the loss of one of her beloved house dogs due to old age.  She is eager to adopt Bunny and give him the kind of life he has never had before!

Today we will run a blood test on Bunny and make sure he is healthy enough for surgery.  We will test him for heartworm disease as well.   As long as everything checks out fine he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for his limb amputation and neuter surgery.  Our faithful volunteer, Dr. Stephanie from Island Academy will be assisting.  Then we hope that in about a week Bunny will be hopping off to Belize City and into his new home!

Stay tuned for updates on Bunny and send him good wishes for a speedy recovery  🙂

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