Latest SPAF Beneficiary – “Princess”

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   Princess was brought to us in a cardboard box by a boy on his bicycle so that we could treat her skin.  She is from the San Mateo area, the area where we have collected most of our charity cases.  San Mateo is the poorest area of San Pedro.  Princess is five months old and has never seen a vet before, so she has never been dewormed or had any vaccinations.






 When presented with a skin problem of this severity in Belize it is typically mange, but there are two types of mange.  One is contagious to other dogs and humans, but it is easy to treat.  It is called “scabies”.  The other is not contagious to other animals or people but it is more difficult to treat.  It is called “demodex”.  The only way to tell the two apart is with a skin test called a “skin scraping”.  Cells are taken off the skin and examined under a microscope.  In Princess’s case, a multitude of live demodex mites were observed.

Demodex is usually a disease of puppies who are suffering from other chronic diseases, such as parasitism or chronic ehrlichia infection (the cause of tick fever).  In her case, she also had pale gums and a heart murmer, indicative of hookworm anemia.  Hookworms are extremely prevalent in Belize in puppies.  For this reason all puppies should be properly dewormed by a veterinarian multiple times.

 Princess’s owner paid for her examination, the skin scraping, and the treatment for demodectic mange.  The San Pedro Animal Foundation picked up the tab for the deworming and the antibiotic for her secondary bacterial skin infection.  She will need to return for a recheck in 2 weeks which the foundation will also cover. 

With proper long-term treatment over the next weeks to months Princess has a good chance of becoming a healthy happy puppy. 


 Thank you for supporting the San Pedro Animal Foundation.






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