Jambo’s Day Off!

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Jambo decided to take a well-earned day off from the clinic.  We decided to head to San Ignacio.  Jambo and Charlie and I went by boat and Peter took a flight and picked up the rental car.  The dogs looked a little out of place in the back seat of a real car instead of a golf cart – but they seemed okay with it.  Peter arranged our stay at a cabana at Cahal Pech by assuring them that our dogs were “slightly larger than chihuahuas”.  I forgot to bring their dogfood, so they were both thrilled to get a can of Alpo each the next moring.  No bowls needed – we have Jambo!  Jambo and Charlie each enjoyed their Alpo, ceremoniously dumped out on the floor of the cabana.  Thanks to Jambo the area was cleaner when we left than when we arrived.

After wandering around a bit and a few false starts we found ourselves at St. Herman’s Cave.  We figured if any dogs could go caving it would be Jambo and Charlie.

On the way to the cave

Into the cave!

This strange looking creature is Jambo – it’s pitch black but that doesn’t stop him jumping in the water.

Looking back at the entrance, no flash.

Looking back at the entrance, with a flash

"That was cool but there's no pizza in there."

 Have you been on any adventures with your pets?  Post your stories or pictures!  We want to go on more trips with Jambo and Charlie but we need ideas, in Belize or beyond.  Have any favorite dog-friendly destinations?  Let us know!

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