IT’S HERE! Full In-House Diagnostic Blood Lab at San Pedro Animal Hospital

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When our pets become ill they are unable to communicate to us how they are feeling.  After a thorough physical exam by a veterinarian, we are often left with questions as to the source of the illness.  The next step in veterinary medicine, as with people, is often analysis of blood and/or urine.

At San Pedro Animal Hospital we have invested in the most modern lab equipment to ensure that your pet receives the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.  Our canine and feline chemistry unit, the Abaxis VetScan Classic, is the only one in Belize.  With it we are able to evaluate your pet’s liver, kidneys, electrolytes, blood proteins, and more within just 15 minutes using only a few drops of blood.  This technology is indispensible in the case of an emergency or critical illness, and can even mean the difference between life and death for some of our patients. 

Other uses for veterinary blood profiles include pre-anesthetic testing (tests to ensure that your pet is healthy for anesthesia and surgery), drug monitoring (tests for liver and kidney function for pets on long-term medications such as rimadyl and phenobarbitol), and senior screening blood tests (blood panel recommended for older pets, age 10 years or older, once a year to screen for developing diseases). 

If you have any questions regarding blood testing for your pet please stop by San Pedro Animal Hospital or call us at 610-DOGS (3647).

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