Hello San Pedro! Dr Laurie is back…and Thank You Dr. Sara!

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Dr. Sara with two puppies she spayed for free with help from the San Pedro Animal Foundation


I had a fabulous time back in the San Francisco Bay Area for the months of July and August.  I worked full-time during those months for a small animal hospital in Castro Valley.  I was fortunate enough to secure a temporary position there covering for a veterinarian on maternity leave.

It is truly amazing how quickly veterinary medicine changes.  What you may not realize is that veterinary medicine typically follows the same advances as human medicine.  As doctors are able to treat their patients with more advanced testing and treatments, these same methods are able to be adapted to veterinary medicine.  Pet owners often want the same level of care they are receiving for themselves for their beloved pets.

I was shocked to find that CT’s (formerly known as “cat scans”) and MRI’s are now common place for dogs and cats.  Just three years ago I was practicing in the same area and this was certainly not the case.  Many pet owners are opting for effective chemotherapies for their pets as well, which may allow their pets to go on living for years with a good quality of life.

It is a sad truth that most of our residents of Belize, as well as populations around the world, will not have the opportunity to benefit from the medical advances available in America, or even for America’s pets.  Those of us who have access to modern medicine OR modern veterinary medicine should be extremely grateful.

Although I cannot bring this technology to San Pedro, I did bring back the knowledge that I gained, and I believe that it will benefit my patients here in Belize.

An extra special thank you to Dr. Sara for all of her hard work volunteering her time here.  I know she spent many a late night working in the clinic on emergency patients.  She also performed FIVE free dog spays for families in need while she was here – thanks to the San Pedro Animal Foundation. 

Thank you as well to the San Pedro trivia winners at Pedro’s Inn and Roadkill Bar who donated their winnings to SPAF over the summer, as well as all the clients we see who generously toss extra dollars into the can.  Every little bit counts, and as this generous community continues to chip in, we are fortunate to be a private business which is able to lend a helping hand to the least among us, whether they are able to pay or not.



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