Great Job – SPAH Assistants Siomara and Ashty Collect Dogs for Spay/Neuter

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Today was a slow day so SPAH hit the streets looking for animals in need of spaying and neutering.  These two pets belong to families in San Pedrito.  One was confined in a yard and the other was tied securely.  These families are obviously doing their best to take care of their pets, although they were not spayed or neutered.  Both families agreed to allow us to spay and neuter their pets, and since they qualified as needy families the surgeries will be performed free of charge.

San Pedro Animal Hospital will be going out into communities and talking to pet owners during this slow season.  We will be discussing roaming pets, spaying and neutering.  We will also be collecting dogs which do not have owners off the street.

In order to assist with San Pedro’s dog overpopulation problem, we will be continuing our offer to spay and neuter one dog per week from a needy family free of charge.

Just as important as the surgeries is the education of the public regarding the importance of keeping their pets confined at home.  This is the most effective way to avoid another city-wide poisoning of dogs.  If you would like to help us you can call us at 610-DOGS or feel free to come by.

Thanks to Siomara and Ashty for going out into San Pedro’s communities and thanks Mr. Peter Lawrence for the use of his golf cart!


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