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This week San Pedro Animal Hospital has given away 4 Feline Leukemia vaccinations.  Of these, three kitties had never seen a vet before and were un-neutered outdoor male cats. 

The free vaccinations are offering San Pedro Animal Hospital an excellent opportunity to educate the public on the proper care of their pets.  San Pedro is a very dog-friendly community, but kitties are sometimes overlooked.  Many owners do not realize that their cats and kittens need veterinary care too.  All owners are counciled on the full vacccination protocol needed for cats and kittens, and spay or neuter recommended.  As finances were limited for these three kitties, we recommended that their owners take them to Saga Humane Society ASAP for a low-cost or free castration surgery.  The owners were more than willing once we explained the increased hazards to un-neutered male cats, which include more frequent cat fights, wounds, and infectious diseases.  In addition, the owners shared our concern over the number of stray cats in our community, and understood that by neutering their male kitties they were doing their part to address this problem.

San Pedro is full of concerned individuals that love their pets.  Often times, I find that the only missing link is information and communication.  All they need is for someone to explain it to them, and they do the right thing.  So if you have a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance with an un-spayed or neutered cat, dog, kitten, or puppy, tell them about spaying and neutering.  Spread the word! 

And tell them San Pedro Animal Hospital still has free kitty vaccinations available – 44 more to be exact!

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