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One of the most common infectious diseases of cats in San Pedro is also the most dangerous – feline leukemia virus. 

Most people think of leukemia as a cancer, but this is an infectious disease which causes illness by suppressing the immune system.  The name ‘Leukemia Virus’ comes from the tendency of infected animals to die of leukemia, the cancer, but this is not the only illness that typically develops.  Cats and kittens infected with leukemia virus have difficulty fighting routine infections such as upper respiratory infections or urinary tract infections.  But most importantly, infected animals have a life-span of only 2-4 years.

Feline Leukemia virus has historically been difficult to address in San Pedro due to the costs involved.  Testing and vaccination have been prohibitively expensive to attempt to carry out on a large scale.

In order to help bring attention to this common but deadly disease, San Pedro Animal Hospital is offering 50 free inoculations of leukemia vaccine to any individual or organization who brings in a cat or kitten.  Kittens are especially susceptible to this disease, which is spread primarily through cat bites.  San Pedro Animal Hospital recommends that all cats be vaccinated, but those at highest risk for the disease are kittens who go outdoors.  The first vaccination is proceeded by a booster 4 weeks later, and then yearly.  Initial vaccinations, as well as boosters, will be supplied free of charge while supplies last.

Help decrease the incidence of feline leukemia virus in San Pedro and protect the health of your kitty –  FOR FREE!!   🙂


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