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We found “Negra” in the San Pedrito area near the Boatyard.  She has eight-week old puppies, which meant it was the perfect time to get her spayed.  Her owner has two other dogs, both of which have already been spayed and neutered.  He allowed us to pick her up and take her to the clinic for surgery that afternoon.  The surgery went smoothly and we dropped her off back home this morning!  Thank you Mr. Cawich, for doing the responsible thing and having your pets spayed and neutered.  Now, he is saving up the money to have the pups dewormed and vaccinated, which can be done the first day of every month at our new low-cost vaccine clinic from 10am to 12pm.  First come first serve, vaccinations for $10-$20 and deworming for $5.

After spending time in Sarteneja, it is striking to compare the dog populations of Sarteneja and San Pedro.  Almost ten years of spaying and neutering in San Pedro has had a remarkable effect.  Our dog population, at least through my eyes, appears to be under control.  Contrast that with Sarteneja, whose villagers had never met a vet before I arrived six months ago.  Packs of dogs roam all over the village.  They are all friendly and I have not heard of any issues with dog bites or aggression towards people, but they are rapidly over-populating the village.  The villagers are embracing the concept of spaying and neutering, but money is lacking.  Many of the families are of unemployed fishermen, and they have little income from which to pay.  We have enough money for a couple of more clinics there, but there are many many more animals to be done.  There is actually a waiting list of over 60 animals whose owners have requested the surgery!  To me, that in itself is success.  But now we have the challenge of how to continue to raise the money that is needed.  We are looking at our options and hope that we will be able to deliver!

If you can help PLEASE donate, and write Sarteneja in the special projects box on the SPAF donation form.  Just 70 U.S. dollars will pay for a dog to be spayed, and $52.50 will pay for a dog to be neutered.

thank you!


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