Donations from Pet Owners to Pet Owners

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  It has been another sad week at San Pedro Animal  Hospital.  I won’t depress you with the details, but another pet owner spent a long night on our hard cement floor…and this time the entire country was without electricity.  This morning two foam mattresses arrived.  The owner has donated them for the next person who spends the night with their sick pet, to make their evening much more comfortable.  These mattresses, along with the blankets that were previously donated, mean that we are becoming quite well-equipped for sleep-overs!  Even though the need for them is never a happy occasion, thank you to Stella for the mattresses and Vivian for the blankets (some of which we have set aside for human use:)



We would also like to mention a formal thank you to Mary and Doug of Coco Beach and Janet of Victoria House for donating thick comfy towels for our patients.  That  small stain or hole may not have been appropriate for a luxury hotel but our patients love them!

And since we have had too many sad stories lately I am going to end this one on a happy note.  Here is a photo of my cat Thelma, after her very first lion cut!  I think she is quite proud of it…






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