Bunny…Going Home!!!

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Many of you have seen Bunny at the clinic…and we are happy to report that he is finally ready to move into his new home.  Many thanks to Anna in Belize City for providing a home for Bunny where he can finally be a lap dog along with her other small dog named Fruitbat.

Many thanks as well to Dr. Laurie’s parents, Jan and Tom Droke, for donating $500 U.S. to cover Bunny’s medical and surgical treatements.  Bunny has been our most complicated rescue to date.  He has been treated for flea and tick infestation, malnutrition, ehrlichia and heartworm disease.  He also had suffered severe bite wounds to his right hind leg which eventually had to be amputated.  Bunny was neutered and vaccinated, and will be sent to his new home with a small supply of flea and tick control and heartworm preventative.  Bunny will make the final leg of his journey on Tuesday… from chained up yard dog, to clinic dog, to spoiled house dog!

Since the San Pedro Animal Foundation is such a small charity, a case like Bunny would have used a substantial portion of our funds.  Thanks to this recent donation as well as others, we will be able to help the next Bunny that finds his way to us.

And a final thank you to Bunny’s previous family for recognizing that they did not have the time or resources to take care of a dog at this time, and allowing us to treat him and rehome him.  We know that they miss him but they are happy that he will be well cared for.

Enjoy your new life Bunny in your wonderful new home.  We will miss you but we know you are going to love it!!!
















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