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Last Saturday I was saddened by a phone call from an owner telling me his puppy had been lost and could I please keep an eye out for her.  On Monday morning they dropped off a photo to post on our wall, containing a description and offering a reward.  We discussed how sad it was, especially because we had become so attached to “Bubbles” while she was hospitalized with us for the treatment of parvovirus for five days a few months prior. 

Lunch time rolled around and Seleni said, “I am walking home for lunch today, maybe I will find Bubbles.  If I do I will not take the reward, I will just ask that they bring her in to be spayed.” 

Seleni left and about 3 minutes later my phone rang.   It was Seleni.  She couldn’t have found Bubbles already, could she?

“Dr. Laurie I think I found Bubbles!” she said.  I ran outside and looked down the street.  There was a very small Seleni in the distance – waving her arms around.  I trotted down to her and she p0inted up.  On the second floor outside an apartment was an adorable golden retriever puppy.  Seleni said, “I think this is Bubbles!”.  I called to her, “Bubbles!!  Come here Bubbles!”  She looked down at me and ran down the stairs.  It was definitely Bubbles.

True to her word, Seleni did not accept the reward.  She asked the favor that the family bring Bubbles in to be spayed, as she was due to go into heat very soon. 

“Just tell us when!” said her tearful but joyful owner when she picked Bubbles up.

We are happy to report that Bubbles was spayed yesterday and went home today.  Happy and healthy, and back with her family.  She won’t be having any puppies which is good for San Pedro’s pet population.  And she will be at much lower risk for mammary neoplasia (the canine term for breast cancer) later in life because she was spayed just in time, before her first heat.

Great job Seleni and congratulations to the family of Bubbles!!!

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