3rd Sarteneja Clinic Sept 29th

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My apologies for getting so behind!  These are photos from the third clinic about 3 weeks ago.  The clinics are having quite an impact as the villagers are seeing the beneficial effects of having their pets spayed and neutered.  One effect I didn’t anticipate – according to Manissa the females are so much happier.  In an area where all the dogs are in tact and most roam freely, it seems the females are much more relaxed now that they are no longer chased and harassed by the males!  Maybe they are also thrilled that they don’t have to take care of new puppies every nine months now.    At any rate, they seem pleased with the results!

Now that we are getting more efficient we have changed the format a little.  I now fly in at 7 am and fly out at 5:40pm, so the clinic is done all in one day.  Manissa rounds up all the patients and I catch a ride to her house and start setting up for surgeries.

 First up was Spikey for a neuter.  We also found a deep laceration to his foot pad which will be treated with donated antibiotics.

Bella, who was spayed at the first clinic, drops by to visit Estrella before her surgery.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. You are going to LOVE living life as a spayed female around here!"

This lovely young woman is Omari.  She is 15 years old and wants to be a vet some day, so we recruited her to give us a hand!  She lost her scholarship this year, and her family was unable to pay for her high school, so she cannot attend.  I was instantly impressed as she jumped right in and started shaving and prepping the patients.  At one point I asked her, “Do you want to watch me give the injection first or do you want to do it?”  and she said, “I want to give it!”.  And she did, as I talked her through it.  She is a fast learner.  Manissa is working on linking her up with donors through the Peace Corps who have offered to pay her high school tuition.  So we hope that she will be able to resume her studies soon, as she seems to have quite a lot of potential!

Omari with Estrella, a 3 year-old shepherd mix under anesthesia for her spay surgery

Omari monitoring vital signs

Omari with "Spikey"

"Cazar" - a big 70lb lump of love!

Poor Cazar, had a lot of post-op swelling, but he enjoyed his cool compresses!  Along with nursing care from Manissa, some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics he was feeling better in no time.

Post-op swelling is most common with older, large breed male dogs.  Cazar is 2 1/2.  


We had a cancellation for surgery, and no healthy, fasted animals to replace her, so this left time for more appointments and house calls…

 This is our method of weighing our patients pre-op!  Sonia is a nurse’s aid who helps us  out and translates as well.  Winto is getting his pre-op exam for his neuter which was performed Oct. 21st.  Winto has had a severe conjunctivitis and blepharitis we have been treating (this means eye infection).   It is improving a lot but not completely resolved.  I assessed him to be healthy enough to neuter in a few weeks

Sonia with "Winto"

Trixie and Lassie received prespay exams and rabies vaccinations.  They had enlarged lymph nodes and a few ticks, so I recommended a course of doxycycline prior to their surgeries.

Trixie and Lassie

Trixie and Lassie with donated treats!

This family loves animals!  It is also still a strange experience for me  to see animals who love the vet.  The biggest challenge at this housecall was checking the animals one at a time, as they all seemed to want to be the center of attention at the same time!  Guiness (the small one on his back) did finally receive his preneuter exam, along with Peanut, in the background on the scale. 

Guiness, Pinta, and Peanut

Same family!  This one had a shocking result to his pre-spay exam – she was a he!  He also had a round belly and was a little thin, so Manissa took care of getting him dewormed.  


Pinta refuses to stay out of the spotlight. "Pinta, you've already been done!"

“Queen” – 4 years old with an eye problem.  She is a candidate for spaying, but I am concerned about her.  She is 4 years old and the likelyhood of chronic ehrlichia and/or heartworm disease is high.  We are treating her for ehrlichia and hope that she will be healthy enouh to spay soon.



 Puppies!  Manissa has helped this family with tying them in a way that keeps them comfortable.  The puppies are being dewormed and the family is interested in starting their vaccinations if it is affordable for them.


More puppies!  Our last home visit.  The owner builds traditional boats out of beautiful wood.  The puppies at first glance looked strong and healthy, but when I turned them over to see the bellies they were infested with fleas.  Omari later gave them flea baths.



Mama dog "Niurka". She also received a flea bath and some donated topical flea control.

A Note About Finances

This is a copy of the invoice San Pedro Animal Hospital issued Manissa.  Prices are in Belize dollars.  For U.S. dollars divide the amounts by two.

The amounts charged are not what the villagers pay.  There is an additional discount given by the Peace Corps Partnership Program, based on need assessment.  Manissa pays San Pedro Animal Hospital out of donations from the Peace Corps Partnership Program and collects money from the families for their portion.  Unless otherwise noted on the invoice, all recommendations for medications are given with donated medications.  These are sold for $5 or less to the owners and the money goes back into the Peace Corps Partnership Program fund for this project.  San Pedro Animal Hospital and San Pedro Animal Foundation do not receive any income from the sale of these donated medications.

Donations of money and supplies are collected by the Peace Corps Partnership Program and the San Pedro Animal Foundation.  At this point donated supplies and medications from SPAF have been used, but the money collected has not.  Amount in SPAF currently available for this project =$1440 Bz .   Clinics are planned to continue through November and then start up again in the spring.   A report on our most recent clinic on Oct 22 will be coming soon.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated!   We couldn’t do it without you.


1. Spikey – neuter – 30% off                $70.00

                 –  deep laceration right rear foot proximal to metatarsal pad.   Recommend Primor 600mg 1/2 tab once a day for 14 days or until healed.

2. Cazar – exam 30%off –                    $35.00

                   neuter 30%off                    $70.00

                – severe post-op scrotal swelling.  Recommend Primor 600mg once a day for 7 days.  Rimadyl 100mg 1 1/2 tabs once a day until swelling begins to resolve.  Rimadyl (not donated) = $2/pill x 30% off = $1.40/pill.

3.  Estrella – exam 30%off                   $35.00

                    spay  30%off                    $105.00

                    – broken right upper canine, tooth root exposed – recommend amoxicillin 200mg 1 tab twice a day for 14 days.

4.  Winto – preneuter exam 30%off     $35.00

                – conjunctivitis/blepharitis left eye improving on primor and topical ophthalmic antibiotic – continue both until completely normal.  Has tick collar, still some ticks.  Recommend doxycycline 200mg once a day for at least 7 days before surgery.

5.  Trixie – prespay exam 30%off        $35.00

                – rabies vaccs  30%off         $28.00

                – a few ticks, large lymph nodes.  Recommend doxycycline 150mg once a day for at least 7 days before surgery.  Overdue for second DHLPP.

6.  Lassie – prespay exam 30%off      $35.00

                  –  rabies vaccs                     $28.00

                  –  a few ticks, large lymph nodes, recommend doxycycline 150mg once a day for at least 7 days before surgery.  Overdue for second DHLPP.

7.  Guiness – preneuter exam 30%off  $35.00

                     –  recommend 100mg doxycycline for at least 7 days before surgery.

8.  Peanut – preneuter exam 30%off    $35,00

                  –  not eating, underweight, febrile.  Needs deworming.  Recommend 100mg doxycycline once a day for 28 days.  Postpone surgery until health improves.

9.  Raton – preneuter exam 30% off     $35.00

                 – distended belly, thin, large lymph nodes.  Needs deworming.

10.  Queen – prespay exam 30%off     $35.00

                    – Left eye problem x 1 week.  Corneal edema – possible vasculitis.  Blepharospasm and conjunctivitis.  Recommend doxycycline 200mg once a day for 28 days.  Tetracycline ophth. ointment twice a day for 7 days.  Right eye normal.  Postpone surgery until meds finished and symptoms resolve.

Total                                                       $616.00 Bz

Airfare – roundtrip                                 $190.00

Payment                                             –  $900.00

Balance                                              –  $94.00Bz credit 

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