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Our fearless leader and Peace Corps Volunteer Manissa picks us up at the dock

Challenge to get heavy supplies to house on bicycle...

YAY Team! Laurie, Relly, Manissa


Clinic ready


It's a recovery cage...and a table


"Ponga" - our first surgery, no more puppies for her!


Prepping Ponga for surgery - it's 8pm!


scrubbing in


Gettin the job done!


"Pinta" getting her pre-surgical check-up - It's 10pm!


Pinta post-op the next morning

Relly wakes up with a friend

"Darling" our third spay - a very large one! Back to work at 8am...

Our 4th spay was a shepherd mix named Beyonce…somehow I missed getting pictures of her…

Lunch time - fresh tamales - YUM


Time for some house calls


poor little Grizzlie...mange out of control


Squirmy kittens!

Cute bunnie losing hair


A very sick one - differentials include chronic ehrlichia and leptosporosis


Sadly, our day ended with a dog lying in the middle of the road outside her home.  Her skin was bright yellow, and she couldn’t move.  Her family allowed us to euthanize her.  A likely cause of this condition is a disease called leptosporosis.  Lepto attacks the kidneys and liver, which leads to jaundice, the yellow color of the skin and eyes.  This deadly disease is spread by rats, and is also infectious to people.  Physicians and veterinarians alike in Belize have told me the disease occurs here.  Infected persons usually die because it is difficult and expensive to diagnose.  In many cases, the person contracted the disease from an infected dog.

There is a vaccine for leptosporosis, and although it is not as effective as some other vaccines such as rabies, beginning a vaccination protocol in Sarteneja may be helpful.

Most of the patients we saw were treated with donated medications.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed money, medications, and supplies.

Total number of patients seen at second clinic, Aug 31- Sept 1:  4 spay surgeries and 6 house calls                

The clinics are becoming more and more popular and we have 10 more spays and neuters planned for this month! 

A report on our third clinic which was Sept 29th will be coming soon.

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