Bunny…Going Home!!!

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Many of you have seen Bunny at the clinic…and we are happy to report that he is finally ready to move into his new home.  Many thanks to Anna in Belize City for providing a home for Bunny where he can finally be a lap dog along with her other small dog named Fruitbat.

Many thanks as well to Dr. Laurie’s parents, Jan and Tom Droke, for donating $500 U.S. to cover Bunny’s medical and surgical treatements.  Bunny has been our most complicated rescue to date.  He has been treated for flea and tick infestation, malnutrition, ehrlichia and heartworm disease.  He also had suffered severe bite wounds to his right hind leg which eventually had to be amputated.  Bunny was neutered and vaccinated, and will be sent to his new home with a small supply of flea and tick control and heartworm preventative.  Bunny will make the final leg of his journey on Tuesday… from chained up yard dog, to clinic dog, to spoiled house dog!

Since the San Pedro Animal Foundation is such a small charity, a case like Bunny would have used a substantial portion of our funds.  Thanks to this recent donation as well as others, we will be able to help the next Bunny that finds his way to us.

And a final thank you to Bunny’s previous family for recognizing that they did not have the time or resources to take care of a dog at this time, and allowing us to treat him and rehome him.  We know that they miss him but they are happy that he will be well cared for.

Enjoy your new life Bunny in your wonderful new home.  We will miss you but we know you are going to love it!!!
















Deepest Sympathies to Charles, Irene and Family

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Today we sadly say goodbye to one of our favorite patients, Gypsy.  Gypsy was one of my first patients in San Pedro back when I was working at Saga Humane Society.  Her owner came running in with her on a Sunday.  She was passing blood from both ends and he thought she had been poisoned.  Fortunately for Gypsy she was not poisoned, she had a condition called HGE.  The cause of HGE is unknown.  It is an alarming condition which hits suddenly, causing vomiting and diarrhea with large volumes of blood.  Animals who suffer from HGE typically survive with aggressive fluid therapy and hospitalization to prevent dehydration.  I spent all day and all night with Gypsy as she passed bloody diarrhea every 20 minutes.  After a short time I learned that if I left her cage door open she would get up, walk three feet out of her cage trailing her IV line, pass the blood on some newspaper, turn around, and go back in her cage and lie down.  After about 48 hours of this Gypsy was recovering and returned home.

Since then we have seen Gypsy every 6 weeks or so for grooming and for managing her chronic allergic dermatitis.  We would pick her up at Estelle’s and she would run with Siomara to the golf cart and jump in without a leash.  As she is only 8 years old it came as a shock when she stopped eating and walking around.  After lab tests and xrays she was diagnosed and hospitalized for pneumonia.  The tests also showed a severe liver problem, and a hard mass could be felt inside her belly.

Last night from 10-11pm a group of about ten family and friends came to visit Gypsy here in the hospital.

Today we had to say goodbye as she was not responding to the IV antibiotics and IV fluids we were using to treat her.  She was no longer eating and becoming weaker.  Her breathing had been labored for several days.

We know that her loss will leave a big empty space in the Worthington family and at their popular family restaurant, Estelle’s.  It will be especially difficult at this time, as the family also recently lost an uncle.  Our thoughts are with the entire Estelle’s family.

Rest in Peace, Gypsy.  We will miss you at San Pedro Animal Hospital as well.

Meet Bunny!

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Bunny first presented to us on January 11.  He had been tied in his yard when a dog attacked him and broke his leg.  He was also very skinny and had a lot of ticks and fleas.  Bunny had never been vaccinated or dewormed, and he had never received heartworm preventative.  He also had not been neutered.  His owners said he was 3 years old, but he looked more like a puppy.

The first thing we had to do was clean up Bunny’s wounds.  His coat was so matted that we had to shave his entire body short.  We cleaned his wounds, placed a splint, and sent him home with medications.  At subsequent visits it became clear that Bunny’s leg was too damaged to heal.  It would need to be amputated.  The owners were counciled on all of Bunny’s needs – including a more adequate diet, parasite control and vaccinations, as well as the amputation surgery.  The San Pedro Animal Foundation could help with the cost of the surgery, but the owners needed to take on the responsibility of Bunny’s basic care.  After much thought the owners decided that they did not have the time or resources to care for Bunny.  The mother of the family was also ill and in the hospital. So we took in Bunny and said that the San Pedro Animal Foundation could help with the cost of the surgery and we could find Bunny a new home, where he could be a happy little house dog rather than tied outside in a yard.

As luck would have it, one of our clients in Belize City heard Bunny’s story.  Her neighbor and close friend had just suffered the loss of one of her beloved house dogs due to old age.  She is eager to adopt Bunny and give him the kind of life he has never had before!

Today we will run a blood test on Bunny and make sure he is healthy enough for surgery.  We will test him for heartworm disease as well.   As long as everything checks out fine he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for his limb amputation and neuter surgery.  Our faithful volunteer, Dr. Stephanie from Island Academy will be assisting.  Then we hope that in about a week Bunny will be hopping off to Belize City and into his new home!

Stay tuned for updates on Bunny and send him good wishes for a speedy recovery  🙂

San Pedro Animal Foundation Donates to Scooby and Ranger

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You may remember Scooby and Ranger from our previous blog post.  Well, last month we went out to check on them again.

Scooby was tied on the veranda with a loaf of bread sitting in front of him.  They tie him because he likes to run around the neighborhood, which is the right thing to do.  The owners were questioned about the loaf of bread, and yes, they do feed him dogfood, but sometimes they also give him other things!
Scooby was clean and looked to be in good health.  They had given all the medication we had left with him the month before.
Once we got Scooby to the clinic we rechecked his bloodwork and it was much improved!  His neuter surgery was performed and went very smoothly.


Ranger lives next door to Scooby, so we checked on him at the same time.  Ranger is a guard dog, and spends his days tied to a boat.  We spoke with the owners and advised them to make sure that he always has access to shade and water.
When we got Ranger back to the clinic we found that he did gain a couple of pounds, although he is still underweight.  Other than this he appeared in good health and his bloodwork had improved just like Scooby’s.  We kept the muzzle on Ranger as a precaution, since he is not accustomed to being handled.
Now that he was healthy enough to undergo surgery the neuter was performed and the procedure and recovery went very smoothly.
Both dogs were delivered home the next day with pain meds and instructions to monitor the incisions.  Ranger’s owners were advised to feed him a little more.  Both owners were thanked for doing the right thing for their dogs and their community by having their dogs neutered.
By going out into communities it is our hope that spaying and neutering will become more accepted in these subdivisions, and others will follow the example these families have set.
The fees for these services are discounted 30% by the San Pedro Animal Hospital, and the remainder is financed solely through the San Pedro Animal Foundation.
I would like to dedicate the treatment of Scooby and Ranger to my Aunt Kay and Aunt Linda, who have repeatedly supported myself and SPAF.
Many thanks to all those who have donated to the San Pedro Animal Foundation, making quality veterinary medical care and education available to all pet owners in San Pedro!